The might of the European cultural – historical heritage

Our project aims to develop longlasting knowledge of the project participants – students and teachers from different schools from Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Bulgaria – with respect to the historical period of the Enlightenment 17th-19th century. To compare the similarities and differences in the achievements of that age in every country, to examine and express their civic attitude to the importance of the cultural – historical heritage and its preservation. The activities will be differentiated in the following areas – culture and traditions, art, literature (spirituality, politics, economics and languages used in the past). Historical information and data will be collected, analyzed and presented with the help of ICT and open source applications. The overall work will use the multidisciplinary approach and history will serve as a school subject, which will be integrated in many other subject areas. These are Literature, Geography, Fine Arts, Technology. High – quality education demands establishing of interdisciplinary links, awareness of the subject matter and acquisition of practical skills. In order to attract more project participants and thus to achieve the project results, we will use games as an educational tool and learning through co-experience. During the project activities, historical sights will be visited as measures for their preservation and promotion will be discussed.


Project title: “Let’s Feel the Might of the European Cultural – Historical Heritage”


Participant: Gergana Petrova

Institution: PMG “Acad. Boyan Petkanchin”

School education