Theatre as a bridge of communication

The project aims at creating a theatre performance which includes folk epos, customs, traditions, myths and legends typical of particular regions of the countries participating in the project and bridges the intercultural communication between the participants. The participants in the project will go through a training course by means of theatre play, which will raise their curiosity not only about their own culture but also about the culture of other nationalities. The project aims at raising students’ emotional intelligence and empathy and teaching tolerance of shared existence. The project aims at establishing the values cherished by each nation participating in the project through presentations on its historical and cultural heritage in search of common home and eternity. The theatrical play itself is a way of achieving easier over linguistic communication between the participants in the project, which facilitates removing the barrier in communication between different nationalities. The participants in the project will have the opportunity to do research on myths, legends, authentic music folklore, rituals and traditions, related to particular countries, which will raise their general knowledge and kindle their interest in the historical and cultural heritage of other countries – members of the EU. The project aims at provoking the participants in the project to find in the historical heritage and folklore what corresponds with the problems that agitate students today. This will enable them to establish eternal values, to make the connection between past and present and give their modern version of myths and legends


Project title: “Theatre as a bridge for facilitating communication between national and multicultural”


Participant: Rudiana Kazakova

138th Secondary school for western and eastern languages “Prof. Vasil Zlatarski”