Our school experience with Greek and Roman heritage

For the last five years, we took care of a workshop within the Erasmus+ project, based on our literary legacy of Homer, Ovid, Virgil. We always had to conclude that the people of Greco-Roman antiquity are often not so different from the Western people today. We worked on families in wartime; wives at home while their husbands at the war front, fugitives, Achilles compared to an Isis warrior, Trump compared to Agamemnon; inclusion in the Greek-Roman society. In the past, we had a Comenius project about the role of the Mediterranean culture with a school in Palermo. In the future we are looking forward to work about Cultural heritage and European citizenship with old and new partners, the possibilities are endless within this theme: our western civilization is based on three pillars: Greek and Roman civilization and Christianity. The influence of these civilizations on our way of life is a rich source from which we can draw to broach numerous themes e.g.: influence on art, literature, architecture, language; on our values; on rhetoric, on science and math; on our democracy.


We also used storytelling as a way of transmitting cultural heritage to confront different age groups with each other’s viewpoints. An art project was developed to investigate on the general knowledge of cultural heritage. Songs were analyzed and sung. In the future, we want to focus on repurposing of cultural heritage “conservation of cultural heritage through development”.


Participant: Mieke Vangansbeke

Secondary school, De Bron