The “Institute of Conflictology”: ancient healthcare culture as heritage

The “Institute of Conflictology” foundation was founded in 2010. Professional medical services, based on ancient Europe’s healthcare culture and traditions (Cultural Heritage, including the Mediterranean cultural area) is the object of the Institute’s interest for recent years. Research program “Opportunities for the development of the State System of Traditional Medicine (TM)” was implemented from 2014 to 2018 with the following results:

  1. scientific reports were represented in conferences;
  2. articles and theses were published in scientific publications;
  3. different facts and materials were stored for development new projects in science, education and practice.

The researchers found out that in the world, including in the European Union, TM is a potentially perspective sector of national economy. Thus, many education institutions worldwide, also in EU, have devoted different research and educational programmers to TM. The Institute is interested in developing a partnership with Europe’s organizations in order to share experiences on how to:

  1. integrate ancient Europe’s healthcare culture and traditions in professional traditional medicine services systems;
  2. develop transnational formal and nonformal education and training programs for traditional medicine practitioners.


Participant: Ligita Landzmane

The Foundation “Institute of Conflictology”


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