Culture, art, story, tales, love and equality in pre-primary – CASTLES

The partners are pre-primary and primary schools from Greece, Italy, Latvia and Poland.

The project involves European tradition, castles and tales connected with them instilling into children’s values such as respect to the national culture, heritage, national symbols and to promote the respect to foreign cultures and traditions, the equality of humans, disregarding the age, sex and background. All the schools have discussed and negotiated the overall objectives and impact that we wish to obtain from this as follows:

  • to learn about the castles in participating countries and the tales connected,
  • to learn about the history of the period connected with the castle,
  • to improve the progress and development of the schools,
  • to introduce the Index of Inclusion and inclusive practices in all schools,
  • to reduce learners’ fail and eliminate the prejudice and xenophobia,
  • to introduce informal methods of teaching in all the schools,
  • to build strong connections and friendship between the participating countries,
  • to establish our European identity and manage the schools improvement.
  • Study and reproduction of traditional music, songs, dances, feasts and food of the countries
  • Study of the history and geomorphology of the countries
  • Creating a common story with real casting heroes who bring the history and legends of the castles from country to country during teacher movements
    • Study of the costumes of the inhabitants of the castles. Children also wear similar costumes
    • Creating puppets related to the castles
    • Organizing a carnival event on castles
    • Writing stories with words related to the castles and presenting them to the community
    • Presenting theatrical plays in the school and the wider community
    • Creating multiple Erasmus corners in classrooms and a central corner where gifts and creations by the partner countries are placed there
    • Organizing games and creations related to castles during breaks, involving all the students of the school



Erasmus+ project title: ‚ÄúCASTLES: Culture, Art, Story, Tales, Love and Equality in European Inclusive Schools”


Participant: Nikita Panagiota

Primary School of Ormilia Halkidiki