Project on early pop music instruments -> Looking for partner

We would like to build a project on the squeezebox, harmonica, concertina, bandoneon, accordion – the early instruments of pop music – tracing back the roots of early pop music with the periphery acting center stage. We discuss cultural innovations and influences (in music) from provinces distant from the metropolis.

Our ideal partners would come from some regions such as Saxony (DE), Marche (IT) because of their tradition in instruments’ production. Specifically:  the bandoneon production from the Ore Mountain villages in Saxony, Germany; accordion production in Castelfidardo, Marche, Italy; musette and tango in France and Finland…

The project will be organised together with a internationally awarded Bandonionist and Bandoneon tuner Rocco Heins (aka Rocco Boness) based in Oldenburg.

Here you can listen to Rocco playing!


Like this idea? Want to join the project? Looking forward to meeting you in Palermo!


Participant: Christian Hauck-Hahmann

Freie Waldorfschule, Oldenburg



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