Luiz Oosterbeek -> Integrated cultural landscape management – Apheleia

Italian partners Herity-dri, Universita Degli Studi di Ferrara and the Centro Universitario Europeo Per I Beni Culturali Onlus.

The strategic partnership Apheleia aimed at structuring a set of tools to foster the need for integrated cultural landscape management, rooted in human understandings and leading towards governance, through awareness and critical thinking for local and global sustainability. Such a complex program to be dealt with by the academy, also required efficient operative tools, that render such simple complexity for non-academics and for daily lives.

The Apheleia project added the European contribution towards solving these global challenges. Europe has been the cradle for many of the best practices in terms of sustainability, including its address to science and society interaction, and it must now promote a new framework of reference, anticipated but not yet consolidated.


Erasmus+ project: “Apheleia -Integrated Cultural Landscape Management for Local and global sustainability”

Project description from E+ Dissemination Platform


Luiz Oosterbeek

Instituto Polit├ęcnico de Tomar

Conference Panel 3 – Heritage belongs to all
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