Maria Guiomar Ferreira da Silva

Maria Guiomar Ferreira da Silva is Director of Agrupamento de Escolas de Arrifana, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, with 15 buildings and 940 students, for 15 years.



Experience on European projects since 2008.

Actually coordinates the project KA2 Erasmus+ “An Experience with and for refugees” and is a partner of another one called Sharing the world: Disability and displacement. Teachers qualifications are so important that has on the field the project Erasmus+ KEEP LEARNING+.
Is interested on european projects that can contribute to a better school and to improve the teaching and learning processes using innovative methologies for a student’s profile of the XXI century.



Previous project: “Local reflections of European commom cultural heritages and values”.

Portuguese partner Schools of Arrifana, Santa Maria da Feira.

This project has worked the culture, values and traditions of each of the countries (Scotland, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Portugal) as a common European heritage, in the three years between 2014 and 2017. As a result the participants were increased cultural consciousness and awareness. Pupils become more outgoing and their horizons more broad by giving them the opportunity to know different cultures and communities. As a result, in the various countries, there were organized books with traditions-celebrations and traditional cooking of all partner countries, a calendar with pictures of celebrations-traditions, CDs of local traditional songs and music, DVDs of schools, teachers and pupils, hometowns and on cultural presentations of hosting countries, and yearly exhibitions in each school.



Conference Panel 4 – The Mediterranean Area as a Bridge to other Cultures