Looking for partners in Adult Education

We are a school for adult education located in the historical city of Gent, Belgium. We daily use our city, its cultural heritage and its monuments as an asset in various fields. We are very interested in finding more and new ways to make our cultural heritage more accessible and use it for the benefit of newcomers learning Dutch, students learning other languages, students learning I.T. and students following the city/tour guide course at our school. One of the 3 key words in our school’s mission statement is ‘grensverleggend’, which could be translated at ‘groundbreaking’, but which literally translates as “shifting borders.” We hope to add an extra element to this aim by opening up for new contacts across our city’s and country’s borders.


Participant: Daan Wouters

Institution: PCVO Het Perspectief

School for adult education in Gent, Belgium