Jade Schiff –> Art and intercultural dialogue

I would like to learn more about the theme, meet possible new partners, get inspiration and share my own experiences. For the past 10 years I have been working in European projects, in which identity, European citizenship and the future of Europe are relevant themes. Also promoting intercultural dialogue and social cohesion through art and culture are at the core of Roots & Routes. Directly or indirectly these themes are very important for passing on and redefining Europe’s cultural heritage to make it future-proof. We work closely with Albeda College and MBO Utrecht and organised several projects within Vocational Education and Adult education.

Some examples of projects that I have (co)managed related to the theme:


Art4act documentary (NL) Turning Points

How could a young individual find turning points in this society? A group of young people & youth workers joined the Turning Points workshops -as part of the Art4Act project- in which spoken word is used as a tool to search for changes. Enjoy this inspiring and heartening documentary.Shout out 2 all participants CAPSLOC Elten Kiene Shay Kreuger Jeremiah Durand ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne Roots & Routes International Videography: Jasper Spobeck aka Oby Vision

Pubblicato da Roots & Routes Nederland su Martedì 12 giugno 2018







Participant: Jade Schiff

Institution: Roots & Routes

Sector: Adult education, Vocational education and training


Conference panel 4 – The Mediterranean Area as a Bridge to other Cultures