A project where students were in charge – WoW!

I’m involved in an Erasmus+ project called WoW! The project is nearly finished and it’s safe to say it was very succesful. Countries involved were Spain, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

The idea for the project came from our students. They were complaining about their workload and their doubts about how much of the things they were learning was useful to their everyday life. For their ability to cope with problems and organize their life in a successful way. We decided to set up a project where students were in charge. They were organizing meetings, making the program, developing materials, arranging al the logistics etc.  For us teachers the hardest thing was letting go. Taking on the role of adviser and allowing them to make their own mistakes. Concerning the topic of Cultural Heritage, all programs the students made for the meetings in each country contained making films, quizzes, plays, meals etc. to get to know the culture of the country, area and school that was visited. Students prepared cultural citywalks through important cities in their region, always with some creative assignments to be done like making selfies at different places in different ways.

One of them made a beautiful quote: ‘I found out that we teenagers are different in each country but also very much the same’.


Project title: “WoW!”


Participant: Rita von Hebel

Fortes Lyceum – http://fortesinternational.nl/