Our Erasmus+ experience and plans

At this moment our school is participating in an Erasmus+ project about refugees, migration and democratic values. After finishing this project in December 2018 we intend to continue the cooperation of our six schools in a new Erasmus+ project about Cultural Heritage. We want to apply for it in March 2019.

During this current project we have met refugees and migrants from different countries. We will continue these contacts. The subject ‘Cultural Heritage’ is an excellent opportunity to work on cultural history and traditions of ‘our’ six countries, including the countries of the refugees. This will make the students aware of the value of the Unesco World Heritage in general and their own cultural heritage in particular. They will learn to understand and respect these values in all participating countries and beyond.

For me this is an opportunity to be able to connect two successive Erasmus+ projects, both about important subjects that are part of the social and cultural development of a new generation of students.

Participant: Irene Keizer

RSG Slingerbos/Levant – Secondary School