Looking for partners in Adult Education

The Austrian Folk Song Society (Österreichisches Volksliedwerk) is the umbrella organisation of 9 folk song societies in Austria. Our tasks are to collect, archive, document and distribute folk songs, music, dances and poetry. On this basis we have collected material through folk musical projects with different groups. Our main objective in participating in the conference in Palermo has two parts, on the one hand to get to know best practice projects and on the other to find potential project partners from other countries for a future joint project. We are particularly interested in imparting songs in the educational context using analogue and digital forms and new media. Working with songs from Austria and other European Countries should create sensitivity to cultural heritage and strengthen community spirit. The connections but also differences with other cultural areas and art forms should understood as fruitful and positive as a means to dismantle prejudices and radicalism.


Project exemple (in German):



Participant: Sofia Weissenegger

Institution: Austrian Folk Song Society (Österreichisches Volksliedwerk)


Sector: Adult education