Avra Pieridou Skoutella -> Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean

The project connects musical and cultural heritage of four Euro Mediterrenean countries, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain with research-based early childhood music learning and teaching methodologies and theories of interculturalism, multiculturalism and musical identities. The project takes into account the voices of children, parents, teachers, researchers, rich and diverse Mediterranean musical traditions and practices and international perspectives in early childhood music education and teacher training in order to establish multicultural and intercultural curricula, methodologies, evaluation tools and material and devise child-led, playful, music-centered, agency-focused, integrated and appropriate cultural and educational practices. The project, by travelling through all the steps of multiculturalism and interculturalism, develops musically-oriented educational methodologies – the ways structured sounds have created musical meaning out of features of the culture from which music springs – to direct the content, structure and methodology of ECME. These all-encompassing methodologies aim for developing in young children, families and educators poly-musicality, multicultural confidence, intercultural skills and deeper understanding of the sonorous expressiveness of music and how the musical experience is related to cultural values and experiences (local, regional, state).


The project has produced nine research-based intellectual outputs including: – Comparative academic research in early childhood music education in the four countries, Mediterranean local, regional, ethnic, state and cultural context and content – Multicultural and intercultural curricula – Evaluation tools – Ethnographic and qualitative research findings among children and adults on musical and cultural identities, learning and teaching processes, interculturalism.


Project title: “Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean”



Participant: Avra Pieridou Skoutella

Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music – CCRSM

Sector: School education – Adult education


Conference Panel 4 – The Mediterranean Area as a Bridge to other Cultures