Time boxes for adult citizens

In our museum we have quite a big collection of duplicates or similar objects we already have in our permanent collection. We decided to prepare so-called time boxes. It gives us a legal and well organized possibility for lending out a certain amount of copies and originals (including photos and documents) for a groups of adults . Some of these boxes are like reminiscence boxes for older people who have problems with memory. Some of the boxes are planned for family or community events to remember, learn and know past (questionnaires about local dialect, use of objects, materials etc.). These boxes will be on very different topics like local food preparing, My Christmas Time, Childhood: 1950-1960, and so forth. Our time boxes are not ready yet, we are in a phase of selecting themes, objects, needs and tasks.


Project title: “Time Boxes for Adult Citizens: Enhancing Learning Experiences and Boosting Memories”


Participant: Helgi Põllo

Institution: Museums of Hiiumaa

Sector: Adult Education