Looking for partners in VET sector

We currently benefit from an Erasmus + KA1 scholarship, valid until the end of July 2019. Thus, in the following months, several professors will go to train in a European country, and will have the opportunity to promote the cultural heritage of their region and/or their country. The challenge is to know how to value it. This seminar can provide them with essential tools. Moreover, I am involved in an eTwinning project that will start in October 2018. The partners are schools located in Greece, mainland France and Martinique. It will be working on a specific subject (“The Greek, Roman, Gallic and Native American Worlds”), and each school will have a specific activity to present its respective cultural heritage. The partners will try to determine, with the pupils, what remains today of this heritage.

By participating in this seminar, we want to learn to better perceive the cultural heritage of our country or region, and (Erasmus+ or eTwinning). Indeed, it is clear that often teachers and students do not perceive the wealth of their own country, and consider those of others as much more interesting. They often even have a negative vision, linked to aN unfortunate misrecognition of their own heritage. We therefore need to modify this narrow vision, first among teachers, and later in the pupils.


Participant: St├ęphanie GROULARD

Institution: College Saint-Julien

Sector: School

Contry: Belgium