Waldorf Schools. Looking for partner

Waldorf Schools – first founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919 – are inclusive private schools, that follow a special pedagogical model. One the one hand they lead to all state exams, on the other hand they focus strongly on social education, team building, practical capabilities and outdoor education, projects (e.g. in music, performances, drama, choir, gardening, forestry, geodesy), internships in different firms and organisations. This school combines relating students to local heritage with an open worldview and a strengthening of confidence to change the world themselves.  Our school has sucessfully applied for three 2-year teacher training projects in a row since 2014. Our mobilities have enriched the work of around 20 teachers, that have strengthened their capabilities e.g. in combining local history or politics and social issues with arts and crafts or drama in Nicosia/Cyprus and Oxford/UK. They developed (to mention another example) a real understanding of the vulnerable culture and nature on the volcanic Azores Islands/Portugal in the central Atlantic Ocean and got a real orientation about geographical, cultural and historic influences there.


Participant: Christian Hauck-Hahmann

Institution: Freie Waldorfschule Oldenburg