Looking for partners in Adult education – Cantabria

In the framework of this 2018 European year for Cultural heritage, Cantabria has developed a new optional subject about its cultural inheritance for the third cycle of compulsory secondary education. There´s an opportunity open to extend this initiative to other levels of education, as adult education.

Traditionally, non-formal programmes about cultural heritage are very common and popular in our CEPA.  Besides that, the work in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. In this field, cultural references are seen as an increasing need in order to favor the social integration of groups such as immigrants and refugees –a work developed in connection with NGOs as Cruz Roja.

Its shows as adult education can contribute to overcome stereotypes and prejudices, starting from the multiculturalism that, in many cases characterizes the CEPA, to lead to interculturality and favour active citizenship values and social inclusion. In a landscape marked by technological advances and social changes, cultural heritage can appears as a traditional and new reference to work about. And this DG is very interested in sharing our experience, incorporating new approaches. This TCA is seen as a good opportunity to enrich the scope of work lines raised. The transnational aspect of the event is valued highly.


Participant: Eugenia Villanueva

Directorate General for Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning, Santander (Cantabria)