Looking for partner to write our “Eurostories”

The aim of this project is to increase the awareness of our cultural heritage and the importance of language and communication. With cultural approaches and heritage as our base, we picked language and stories as our project theme. Every task contains both a cultural, national or international and a language developing part through different cultural approaches such as storytelling, reading, writing, acting, researching and discussing. Among the planes activities “Imaginary backpacking around Europe”, a statue hunt and a making of a newspaper about it, translated into all the languages of the partnership and a tourist movie called Knowing Me, Knowing You where pupil decide what to show to their friends about their country. The British academic and historian Simon Thurley, who also served Chief Executive of English Heritage, explains in his “Heritage Cycle” the process of experience and incorporating different cultures in our lives.


Participant: Sofia Ringholm

Kättilsmåla förskola (pre-primary school)