Entrepreneurial Initiative in VET – EntreVET

During the project, students design patterns inspired by cultural heritage or other culture-specific visual motives. The patterns are used for deliverables (product prototypes) of different fields of craft and design, representing regional cultural heritage or other visual features. EntreVET blends art and crafts skills with digital design, cultural heritage, product development and production, and entrepreneurial activities.


The project has had three transnational workshops. During workshops students have learned making their ideas and perceptions to digital patterns. They have learned a lot about cultural heritage of participating countries. It has also helped them to see the special features of their own culture. They have learned to tell about their country and culture to the others and to work in international groups. Between the workshops students have worked with the project at their own schools.

Tangible outcomes of the project are designed patterns inspired by cultural heritage, and products in which the patterns are used. Students created for example raincoats, coffee mugs, holders for musical instruments, notebooks and bookmarks. They learned product development and made selling strategies for the products. They also sold them in a pop up shop and learned basics of online selling.

The partners of the EntreVET project are: Tartu Art School, Estonia; The Raahe Region Joint Authority for Vocational Education and Training / Lybecker institute, Finland, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore G. Mazzatinti, Italy; EASD Burgos, Spain; CEEI Burgos, Spain



Project title: “EntreVET – Cultural Features in Product Design. Entrepreneurial Initiative in VET”




Participant: Mira Torvinen-Määttä

The Raahe Region Joint Authority for Vocation Education and Training