Susanne Oldenburg -> Cultural and natural heritage: Cononect project

In this project we wanted to inspire the students to take responsibility and play a more active role in the knowledge and conservation of their respective cultural and natural heritage. In working with a real assignment, involving subjects like mathematics, natural sciences and literacy among others. Their skills have been developed in a more holistic approach by working together in this project than in the normal, ordinary curriculum. With school partners of four countries, we realized a cross cultural approach by confronting and comparing the policy and education in these matters in North/Sweden, West/Belgium, South/Greece and Eastern Europe/ Turkey. Via activities and tasks the students became more aware and sensible concerning the preservation of the natural environment and of the cultural heritage and monuments of their region. Several pedagogical methods have been used: learning by doing, working in international groups by doing activities via the Twinspace and during the exchanges, attending lessons in the other partners’ schools. The students also took the role of journalist several times. Students taught other students by guiding the city tour in their own town and by presenting the monuments and their history to their partners, so they became “tourist guides.”


Project title: “CON.O.N.E.C.T. – Connected on Nature, Environment, Culture”

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Participant: Susanne Oldenburg, Anna Berndt

Möckelngymnasiet, Karlskoga (Gymnasium)

Conference Panel 1 – Cultural Heritage to strengthen European Identity